Utilizing state-of-the-art low dose Computed Tomography (CT) guidance, Salinas Valley Imaging Center offers patients local access to advanced and affordable pain management options, in the comfort and convenience of an outpatient setting.

Musculoskeletal Fellowship-Trained Radiologist Dr. Richard Rupp heads the pain management program at Salinas Valley Imaging Center, although, any of our specialized, board-certified Radiologists may administer your injection.

At Salinas Valley Imaging Center, you will find that our radiologists, technologists, and support staff are professional, experienced and truly care about your comfort and health.

What pain management procedures do you offer?
  • Epidural Steroid Injections (Lumbar Spine, Lower Back, Disc)
  • Nerve Root Block Injections (Neck, Spine, Arms, Legs, etc.)
  • Facet Blocks/Medial Branch Block Injections (Lower Back)
  • Large Joint Injections (Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow)
  • Small Joint Injections (Hand, Finger, Wrist, Ankle, Toe)
  • Piriformis Injection (Sciatica)
  • Baker’s Cyst Aspiration/Injection
What if I want more information regarding pain management services?

Salinas Valley Radiologists offer pain management services at Salinas Valley Imaging Center in Salinas. Please call 831-775-5200 to make an appointment or to speak with a medical professional.  Please keep in mind you will need a referral from your primary care physician to make an appointment.

Does insurance cover pain management injections?

In most cases, insurance plans cover pain management injections. Although, benefits for all insurance policies differ, so we always recommend you to contact your insurance directly before any procedure.

As a courtesy to our patients our billing and authorization team will contact your insurance provider prior to your examination to confirm procedure authorization and coverage benefits.  We will provide you with this information prior to your appointment.

If you do not have insurance, please ask about our cash pay rates and no interest payment plans.

For information billing or to learn about our payment options, please call 831-775-5200. You can also view our billing and insurance section for more information.

Which locations offer pain management services?

Salinas Valley Imaging Center
559 Abbott St.
Salinas, Ca 93901
Phone: 831-775-5200
Fax: 831-796-3891
Hours: 7:30-6:00PM